System Requirements

As we all know that this is a gaming platform where all pc gamers would get the minimum system requirements and recommended system requirements for each and every game of different categories like Action Games, Adventure Games, Stealth Games, First Person Shooter Games, Third Person Shooter Games, Survival Games, Horror Games including many more categories. 

What System Requirements Consists?


System Requirement basically consists of the hardware and the software that a game requires to run on a PC smoothly. The main components of a PC that runs a game perfectly are processor, Ram, Graphics card, Hard Drive, Sound Card and Operating System (OP). Every computer should have these basic components to the most upgraded or latest so gamer may not have any sort of problem to run any of the game which is released or an upcoming video game. 


Now we will discuss briefly about these main components so everybody would have knowledge about the basic upgrades of a PC.

Processor (CPU) :

It’s a central processing unit also known as CPU. Processor is an electronic circuit that works within the computer that executes instructions and sends it to different components to make them work within the computer.



In the gaming platforms processor is the main component of the computer that each and every gamer should have an upgraded one. There are many games which are compatible for different types of games which include some games with higher processor requirements and some with lower or older processors.

RAM (Random Access Memory) :


RAM! Random Access Memory is another key feature of system requirements. Random Access Memory is a component of a computer that is basically used to store the machine code and to store the working data.



Gamers have to use Minimum or maximum RAM that depends on the motherboard and what amount of RAM it supports in a gaming computer. The amount of RAM a gamer increases is just by knowing or looking through the system requirements of the specific game.

Graphics Card (Video Card) :


Graphics Card or a video card is an expansion card for a computer that is used to enhance the graphics or resolution of the games. 


To build a gaming computer the most important decision is to choose the best graphic card for your PC that may help you to be updated in the gaming world.

Graphic Card


Video cards are these days used rapidly by gamers to run the latest games that are released by the top gaming companies like Activision, Naughty Dogs, Rock Star, Sega and many more. The most famous game that has the best graphics in the history of gaming these days is “The Last Of Us Part II”.

Hard Drive :


A Hard Disk Drive is a storage device that is used in a computer to store data. The data that you store on this mechanical disk drive could be moved from one HDD to another and can also be stored for years in the same drive safe and sound. In a gaming computer Hard Drive plays the most important role as the modern days games are much bigger in size than the previously released games. 

Hard Drive


The bigger the HDD you have in your gaming PC the more data or games you can store and play.

Sound Card :


Sound card is a computer’s expansion card that allows the user of the computer to get input and output of audio signals from and to the computer. Sound cards are also used to connect external audio devices like Mice, Speakers, Headphones etc. 

Sound Card


In the gaming platform sound cards are necessary to get the output of audio signals that are received from the game. Sound of a game basically plays an important role to make or develop interest in the game of the gamers.

Operating System (OS) :


Operating system is defined as a software of the computer that controls or runs the hardware and provides resources to the software. So Basically operating system services to run a computer. 

Operating Systems


Operating systems are also an important factor in system requirements. Game companies develop video games on different operating systems, each game with its own specific system requirements according to the OS.